In the clinic test, AIDS is preventable?

Did you know you, a disease called “AIDS”?
Because AIDS is, I think you are well known as the “incurable disease”?
That’s right, at the moment, but because medicine to suppress the onset and progression of AIDS will attempt has been made ​​to exist, it’s that the completely cure medicine, it has not been developed yet, it is still a research stage That’s right he.
However, compared to earlier, because its symptoms and the suppressing effect of the medicine progress, is so he has been increasing.

Disease called AIDS, called HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus), by infecting the “human immunodeficiency virus”, has become a disease that is developing.
And because up to develop from infected is so he may take a few years more than 10 years the case.
However, in the meantime, HIV will continue to commit the body little by little, thus, it becomes susceptible to various infections, fever and diarrhea also now follow, the body gradually thin, and the disease will die eventually It seems to has become.

To discover this at an early stage, inspection, etc. clinics are needed.
Rather, it is not a test, etc. The clinic, it is also assumed that it can not be found.
In Do you have that it has carried out an inspection in such clinic in the past?
In order to suppress the onset and progress also, inspection, etc. clinic, it has become necessary.